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Miladys Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingrdients Dictionary

The third edition of this thorough reference is an invaluable tool for assessing cosmetic products, addressing both the quality of the product and the effect it has on the skin. Since a product's ultimate purpose is to benefit the skin, it is crucial to have an understanding of how the skin works, how and why a product may or may not penetrate it, and what care individual skin types and conditions may require. It is difficult to discuss product ingredients without correlating product performance to skin function. An expanded section on skin physiology and chemical concepts enables the reader to better understand product performance through a thorough explanation of how chemicals and ingredients interact. The various skin types, conditions, and appropriate ingredients for treatments provide a quick reference to address clients' needs. This enlarged second edition contains over 2,000 ingredients including 200 new and updated entries. Expanded information on antioxidants and their stability, new discussion on aging and sensitive skin, and function of SPF and new sunblock ingredients offering full spectrum sunscreen and sunblock for both UVA and UVB rays has been added.

Aromatherapy : A Complete Guide to the Healing Art by Kathy Keville

This is a very practical and sensibly written book that touches on every aspect of Aromatherapy and leaves you with a clear understanding of essential oils without getting too lengthy or technical. Occassional anecdotes make reading this book more interesting and the many charts make things easy at a glance. This is a great book for beginners and the more experienced as well.

Hydrosols, The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty

Review Robert Tisserand, Author The Art of Aromatherapy, Co-author Essentail Oils Safety, Founder The International Journal of Aromatherapy, Principal of The Tisserand Institute : "Suzanne Catty performs a great service to us all in bringing forth from obscurity this aspect of plant medicine, which is both ancient and modern." Daniel Penoel, MD, Author Home Health Using Essential Oils, Co-author L'aromatherapie exatement, Director Osmobiose Center, France : "This book is really a must for every aromatherapist who longs for this 'missing link'. At last, Suzanne Catty bridges the gap and opens a door that will lead the reader into a world where science and intuition arking harmoniously for helping us recover a natural and vibrant health and bring the best out of each of us, physically and spiritually.

Herbs of Life : Health & Healing Using Western & Chinese Techniques by Leslie Tierra

LOVE this book!!
Excellent coverage of holistic herbology. This excellent book will help people seeking detailed information on the properties and uses of herbs, as well as those who want to know what holistic healing means. Importantly, the author's holistic approach to herbalism avoids the common method of recommending specific herbs for whatever symptoms present, called the "this for that" approach in the book's foreword. Instead, she emphasizes that the underlying cause of the symptom must be treated. Every element in a person's condition should be evaluated and all aspects of an herb's energy considered, before the herb is matched to the condition. She writes: "Traditional cultures which use herbs according to a theoretical system use herbs energetically. Chinese, East Indian Ayurvedic, Tibetan, Middle Eastern Unani and Native American Cherokee medicines are all founded on an energetic basis, although each system is different. To use herbs energetically, we look beyond the symptoms of the disease to alleviating the underlying imbalance which caused the disease. This cause varies according to each individual because all aspects of a person are taken into account, not just the disease itself." In fact, Tierra looks beyond herbology in her holistic approach and notes what she considers five essential factors in the healing process: breathing exercises and contemplation; physical exercise; proper diet; appropriate lifestyle habits; and natural medicines. The book is divided into three parts, showing how to use herbs for health and healing, how to regain and maintain health, and how to obtain and make your own healing tools. She's also included a valuable bibliography, herbal resource guide, and a short piece written by her husband Michael Tierra on how her classification of yin and yang energy differs from that of macrobiotics as espoused by George Ohsawa. Tierra's coverage of the energy of herbs and the energy of illness is one of the best I've found, and her success in explaining these concepts may lie in her straightforward, practical presentation which includes helpful charts and illustrations. Her theories are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, simplified to a point but still comprehensive. wolf@mhv.net from New York, USA , November 19, 1998 Excellent for beginners and for Chinese Herbal practitioners An extremely useful book which allows beginners to appreciate the finer points of Chinese herbs and gives the experienced Chinese herbalist an opportunity to review his or her understanding about Chinese herbs. Very well written and well organized, I recommend this book to everyone. A reader from Fremont, CA. (United States) , November 1, 1998 A well rounded book about how to take care of yourself This book is a treasure of information. This book tells of the energy of illness, home remedies and therapies, learning to live with the seasons, the energy of food, the energy of herbs, the harvesting, preparing and storing herbs, herbal preparations, how to shop for herbs, how to prepare a medicine kit, the symptoms of illness and their remedies, tips for mothers and children. The book is loaded with information. Another good book, by the same author is "Healing with Chinese Herbs."

Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair : Natural and Healthy Personal Care for Every Body by Dina Falconi

Review: Detroit, MI October 28, 1999
This book is overflowing with recipes and choices. And unlike other natural cosmetics books that give recipes by type, ie. creams, scrubs, ect.., this book lists recipes according to body sections--The Joy of Facial Care; Lip, Mouth and Tooth Care; Beautiful Hair/Healthy Scalp, etc.. whcih I find extremely useful when looking to find a formula for a certain body part. Also, this book has chapters entitled "Especially for Men" and "Especially for Teens" two topics that are rarely addressed in other cosmetics books. All-in-all, I believe that "Earthly Bodies" is a well written, I got my moneys worth type of book.

Natural Beauty At Home

A truly fascinating book, August 22, 2004 (Amazon review)

I bought this book because of a friend who developed an allergy to the aluminum used in anti-perspirants/deodorants and wanted to know if I could come up with some hand made creation to help her out. I have my own soap and toiletries business so I am constantly playing around with recipes for soaps and beauty treatments and this book sounded very interesting. And it is. Janice Cox is an amazingly clever and inventive person whose pleasant personality comes through in the pages of this book. I was happy to find four different recipes for deodorants, but there was SO much more. I have stopped spending major dollars for a small tube of a certain famous brand's hair dressing creme -- I now just make my own, slathering mayonnaise and honey and mashed avocado and egg yolk on my hair, which has never looked better. The recipes for facial creams and masques and potions and powders are endlessly fascinating, if you like this sort of thing. If you are weary of paying top dollar for boutique or spa beauty treatments that you have already halfway suspected could be made at home (better and more cheaply), then this is definitely the book for you. Have fun with it and take note of how these simple, down-home beauty recipes actually work.

Natural Beauty, July 19, 2005

Amazon Review

This book is great- I've tried a bunch of the recipes and they were actually pretty easy to make and worked well, unlike another book I have on making your own lotions and shampoos. I've tried the Lavender-Rosemary Deoderant and the Silky Smooth Liquid Soap that we use in our office. I've also recommend making these things with children- they make great presents. One of the unique things in this book is the Picnic Cleanser which works really well when traveling. The mouthwashes work great too!

This IS an "encyclopaedia": it contains the descriptions of 190 + EO, probably the most you'll ever see compiled in a single book. They are arranged by alphabetical order, and the entries include a detailed description of the plant & of the oil, its geographic distribution, etc. It also includes extensive botanical, chemical and safety data. They even include traditional uses of the plant from which the EO in question is extracted (which, BTW, is not at all necessary - or even particularly useful - information, since EO can be extracted from parts of plants different to those that are used in traditional medicine). All that information would be fine (if slightly superfluous) - if the data concerning the specific properties of the EO discussed had been more extensive. Of course Lawless duly lists all the actions (such as antipyretic, fungicidal, sedative, etc.) and "aromatherapy/home" uses. But the latter are listed in a "telegraphic" way that doesn't really appear to make any distinctions between the specific benefits of each EO. Of course many oils have very similar effects. But "similar" does not equal "the same".

Skin Care Beyond the Basics, June 3, 2001

Mark Lee's book is a must for all estheticians (skin care specialists) and medical personnel looking for a simple-to-understand text directed to teach and provide review about basic skin chemistry, ingredient chemistry, skin disorders, their causes, challenges, and how to treat. His chapters on "The Immune System" and "Essential Knowledge of Chemistry," give a a great dialoque on understanding our immune system and basic chemistry. Mr. Lee is a great teacher. He puts difficult theories into "people language." Skin care correction for highly damaged skin is very well explained. Having been in professional skin care for 17 years, I find this book a marvelous reference. Its provides some of the latest findings and theories for accurate analysis. For the lay person,new student,or beauty editor, it offers great insight into the complexity of our skin, the body's largest organ, and how it plays a vital role to protect us. It also explains about skin diseases and how they are recognized and treated. The best thing is that this is an accurate book based on science and written by a well qualified and experienced person. After all, skin care is a science and plays a large role in preventative health care.

Now in its ninth edition, Milady's Standard Textbook for Professional Estheticians . . .

. . . has been thoroughly revised to include the most up-to-date information available today. This updated text contains all the essential information needed to ensure greater success for students taking the state board examinations. For the first time, this text is presented in full-color, incorporating a brand new, user-friendly four-color design that will help students learn the common links between the concepts and principles of skin care. Over 500 new full-color photographs and illustrations support the text content and include new step-by-step photographs for many of the procedures presented. All new photos have been incorporated in the chapter on skin disorders and diseases, special esthetic procedures, client consultation and skin analysis, and color theory and cosmetic techniques. A running glossary in each chapter helps the student become familiar with the language of skin care, and procedural notes and safety tips help to reinforce concepts. Expanded discussion on safety and sanitation topics reflects changes made in OSHA rulings and decontamination and infection control. Added discussion on advanced topics including AHAs, BHAs, glycolic, and microdermabrasion techniques give students exposure to those skills that will make them more marketable. Milady?s Standard Fundamentals for Estheticians is the essential textbook for basic esthetics training.