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Malkangni (Organic) Oil

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Malkangni (Organic) Oil

Note: If ordering this oil in a Glass Bottle we encourage you to choose Priority Mail
as your shipping option when checking out. First Class is shipped in a
bubble envelope and is not a safe option for the Glass Bottle.

This is a fascinating oil. It has so many medicinal uses and one has to wonder if the success for
hundreds, possibly thousands of years is true. Read about this oil and decide for yourself as we
won't make any medical claims. This oil is used in Ayurvedic medicine.


- absorbs fairly well but can leave a slight oily residue. If this happens just gently wipe it off
- healing, used as a massage oil
- excellent for boils, acne, hair loss and eczema

Botanical Name:  Celastrus Paniculata

Origin: Asia (South East)

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed, UNrefined and Organic

Color:  Deep Orange to Red

Derived From: The Seeds

Contains: potassium, sesqiterpene polesters, polyunsaturated fats, acetic and benzoic acid

Base Oil:  up to users discretion, this is a fablous oil but please reseach this before purchasing

Shelf Life: 2 year plus (if kept refrigerated)


I recently ordered malkagnai oil and have found it quickly moved to one of my favorite oils list.  It is a bright orange (not quite as bright as buriti, but still bright and will stain if not mixed) and smells, imo, spicy like turmeric or mustard.  I have been using it mixed with various oils (usually blueberry or hazelnut) on both cystic acne and mysterious auto immune rash.  It has noticeably made a difference on both. Remarkably even cysts that I have had for decades have been lessened.  I also had questions about the oil, having never used prior, and Garden of Wisdom was quick, helpful, and professional in their reply.  I ordered several oils at the same time as this and all came double wrapped and with quick shipping.  Highly recommend both this oil and company! - Jessica T.