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Copaiba Oil (Resin)

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Copaiba Oil (Resin)



- conditioning
- smoothing
- improves skin elasticity
great antiaging oil

Botanical Name:  Copaifera spp., Leguminosae Caesalpinoideae

Origin: Brazil / Wild Harvested (NO pesticides used), Virgin

Extraction Method: Cold pressed / Filtered

Color: Yellow

Derived From: Resin

Smell: Earthy and Sweet

Base Oil: Can be used up to 10% strength (rich, takes time to absorb)

Shelf Life: Up to one year and kept refrigerated will stay fresh up to 24 months

The chemical composition of the oil-resin of Copaiba is thought to have approximately 72 sesquiterpenes (hydrocarbons) and 28 diterpenes (carboxylic acids), and the oil is composed of 50% of each of these terpenes. Diterpenes are attributed in the majority for therapeutic applications, a scientifically proven fact. Sesquiterpenes are partially responsible for the aroma the oil (resin) and also have antiulcer, antiviral and anti rhinovirus properties.