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Brahmi Oil / Infusion

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 Brahmi Oil (infused into almond oil)
Shelf Life 1 -2 years

We make this oil ourselves (it takes 4 - 6 weeks to brew!)


Brahmi oil is excellent for use on hair, as it conditions and helps to prevent and stop hair loss. It soothes and relieves itchiness of the scalp. Brahmi oil helps to purify and tighten the skin, while it may also provide a diuretic effect on the skin.

- Purifies
- Tightens skin
- Excellent for hair
- Relieves itchy scalp
- Diuretic
- Helps to stop hair loss

Botanical Name: Bacopa monnieri

Origin: USA

Extraction Method: Infused into sweet almond oil / CP

Color: Rich green

Derived From: The fruit

Contains: Glucosides, minerals, vitamins, oleic acid and sterolins

Base Oil:  Can be used up to 100% strength

Shelf Life: 1 - 2 years