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Pomegranate Seed Oil

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Pomegranate Seed Oil
Shelf Life 1 year
[Please note that there are now 2 versions
UnRefined and Refined]

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Pomegranate seed oil is both exotic and rich, and packed full of antioxidants that help to protect skin from damaging free radicals. This oil also helps to condition and keep moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated and smooth. Pomegranate seed oil is nourishing to keep skin healthy and vibrant, while it also help to restore the natural pH balance of skin. This oil helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

The Pomegranate Oil we sell is pure and unadulterated. This means that there is nothing added to keep it in a liquid state. Almost all oils are liquid, but Pomegranate Oil falls under the category of thick and has to be set into a hot water bath to become a liquid before use. This is a very potent oil and should be diluted with another oil or added to a carrier oil, cream, lotion, etc.

NOTE: we are now offering a REfined version of the Pomegranate Oil that we love. Not everyone can stand the strong, rich, pungent odor of the UNrefined Pomegranate Oil. It is definitely a required taste or smell, if you wish.


- exotic and rich
- conditioning
- nourishes skin and restores the pH balance
- smoothing and anti-wrinkle

Botanical Name: Punica granatum linn

Origin: Europe

Extraction Method: Unrefined and Cold Pressed ...  this oil is very concentrated and does have
    a strong, natural scent. I guarantee this is the best Pomegranate Oil on the market today.
    Please do not purchase this oil if you are looking for a refined version like we used to carry.
    IF you need or want refined drop us a note as we can bring this in for you. :-)

Color: Unrefined version - Rich, Yellow Orange Color (this oil is thick)
Refined version - Clear/Yellow

Derived From: The seed

Contains: Rich in lipids, fibers, and antioxidants

Base Oil: Can be used up to 10% strength
This oil is sooo rich, please do dilute :)

Shelf Life: 1 year

Physical Properties  % by weight

Campesterol     4.7%
Stigmasterol     5.6%
Beta sitosterol    4.7%  

Fatty Acid Profile  % by weight

Stearic     1.7
Palmitic    2.47
Oleic acid (Omega 9)   4.63
Linoleic acid (Omega 6)   9.78
Linolenic acid (Omega 3)  < 1.0
Punicic acid (Omega 5)  66.7-80.0   

Fatty Acid Distribution
Saturated Fat       6.45%
Monounsaturated Fat     5.06%

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids 68.34%
Total Fatty Acids   80.08%