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Soybean Oil

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Soybean Oil
Shelf Life 1 year

Soybean oil is a nice oil that is readily absorbed by the skin, delivering nutrients quickly. It is emollient and will help hold moisture to the skin and help prevent drying of the skin, while also increasing the skin's defensive barrier.

- Easily absorbed
- Emollient
- Increases skin's defense barrier

Botanical Name:  Soja hispida

Origin: USA

Extraction Method: Expeller pressed (Organic / Refined)

Color: Yellow to gold

Derived From: The soybean

Contains: Vitamin E, lecithin and sterolins

Base Oil: Can be used up to 100% strength

Shelf Life: 1  year

Fatty Acid Composition

Palmitoleic - 0.2%
Oleic- 22.72%
Palmitic- 10.54%
Linoleic- 52.97%
Linolenic- 6.95%
Stearic- 4.18%