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Rosacea Oil Blend

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GoW Rosacea Oil Blend

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This blend of oils has been formulated to best treat rosacea prone skin. Each oil has properties distinctly helpful for eliminating rosacea. Extremely healing and soothing, this oil blend will help to reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as repair skin. It helps to calm irritation and redness, while also conditioning the skin.

After sending out samples of this oil blend and with positive feedback we are now offering this blend at an introductory price. The reviews have been very positive.

List of Ingredients

Rice Bran Oil
- conditioning
- softening
- healing
- non-greasy

Meadowfoam Oil
- one of the best oils to prevent moisture loss
- conditioning
- excellent for dry and dehydrated skin
- adds shine and nourishment to hair
- very stable

Argan Oil
- anti-inflammatory
- excellent for hair
- soothes irritated skin
- heals skin conditions such as eczema, sensitive skin, and dry skin
- softening
- high in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acid

Avocado Oil (UNrefined/Cold Pressed)
- anti-bacterial
- healing
- anti-wrinkle
- healing to skin conditions such as eczema, sensitive skin, and dry skin

Seabuckthorn SEED Co2

- antioxidant
- helps to neutralize free radicals
- promotes the skin's immune system
- antiaging

Customer reviews

Okay, so it's been two weeks... with the tester, and I have to say that this is most excellent in my book.I've been doing horrible things to myself, pulling every possible trigger repeatedly and to excess, these past few months, and am not currently using any anti-roseacea formulas but the Oil Blend.I look good. Well, except for the cystic explosion that is completely unrelated to my roseacea, and is going away at record speeds. I'm SHOCKED that it (flushing, veins)didn't get worse, given the abuse I heaped on myself, and in the next few days, I plan to add my Vit.K/HCE mix back into my routine, such as it is.

Honestly, I should be a Roseacea Wreckage by now. Wow.
The scent: to me, it's kinda nutty/sesame seedy, and the aroma fades as it sinks in.

The "feel": it only takes a couple of drops, mixed w/HA serum, to cover my whole face and make me feel nice and soft. As the air gets drier, I might escalate to 3 drops, but I don't know yet. I DO follow this up with Renew or my sunblock mix, which has the Classic Azulene as its base. I wouldn't call this a "light" oil, but it sinks in nicely.

The effect: I do believe it has effectively prevented flushing, and has therefore kept my spider veins from getting worse, in the most extreme conditions. That's way more than I would have asked for.
So there you have it; my 2 week review.

Happy Monday!
M, The Acid Test

I received this about a week ago... and have used it I think for 4-5 days.One drop am,
Two drops pmIt replaces my jojoba oil moisturizer step - (wash, apply oil on wet skin, let dry, continue with routine)Now that the weather is turning colder, my rosacea is flaring a little - not too badly, but definitely noticeable compared to a few weeks ago. I'm predominantly showing redness and flaking/peeling, and overall dullness.This oil is light, very non-greasy, absorbs quickly with no residue, and most importantly is very soothing to my skin, eliminating the redness and flaking, and leaving my skin smooth and rejuvenated. I HAVE TO STRESS THIS, because while jojoba oil is emollient and good for my skin when it is NOT inflammed, it does not diminish rosacea symptoms alone, I have to apply a prescription cream over it to treat any flareups. I love the smell, but then again I am partial to the aroma of Seabuckthorn oil.Initial rating: I would, in a heartbeat, replace my jojoba oil with this blend. Well done, GOW!
ETA: Ok, now I know this is doing wonders...."your face looks really good," said my loving husband.
"thanks," I said, with beautiful, glowing skin.
(thinking to self: hm...what am I doing that's different? ... then... duh! the new oil blend!)
Honestly, my husband commenting on my appearance is so totally rare. I have used this for
about 2 weeks and love it, love it, love it.

I am loving the rosacea oil ... as well! Even the very first time I used it, I thought...
Wow! My skin feels wonderful! =) And, I am seeing benefits in regard to my rosacea.

I agree with all the ladies here ... I had a minor flare-up due to a reaction from a soap and I used the oil mixed with Manuka Honey Serum for the past three days and it's pretty much gone!  Another plus, I needed something a bit more moisturizing for my skin now that it's fall and this oil is the answer for me.  It's very light, soaks in quickly, and is very soothing but most importantly of all, I've had no reactions or itching whatsoever.  Now, that's saying something since my skin is so fickle.  Well done Markey and Jen  :0

I am also having good results ... from the oil blend :) It's really nice and soothing. I love how well it sinks in. It seems to be helping with the flakies and the breakouts have started to calm down. I think this is going to be replacing my jojoba.

I have been using it twice a day,...  integrating it into my regular routine which consists of Blue Mallow HA serum, Oat Enriched Serum, and Rosacea serum. I also use Collagen Renewal at night. I've been using two drops in the morning and three at night. After two weeks, I find that I'm liking it very much, it is enhancing my other products that I use and I love the concept of an oil blend with multiple benefits that I don't have to worry about trying to make myself.