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FP Hydrating mist > GoW Fruit (Super) Hydrating Mist (3 pack)
GoW Fruit (Super) Hydrating Mist (3 pack)
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GoW Fruit (Super) Hydrating Mist (3 pack)
           100% Free of Synthetic Fragrance    

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Deliciously fresh and created with all natural fruit distillates, custom blended with Wild Cherry Bark and Green Tea Hydrosols,  nourishing to the skin with essential antioxidants. Fruit mists can be used anywhere in your routine that you would use a hydrosol, such as to tone the skin after cleansing, to hydrate in between the steps in your routine and to simply refresh your skin throughout the day. These mists would also make a wonderful addition to clay masks.

Method of Application

Apply throughout the day as needed and during the hydration stages of your routine before any hydrating gels. This can also be used in place of a toner.

List of Ingredients

(Distillate choice here)
- hydrating
- moisturizing
- high in natural vitamins and minerals
Wild Cherry Bark Hydrosol
- mildly astringent
- hydrating
- soothing
Green Tea Hydrosol
- hydrating
- soothing
- mildly astringent

Marshmallow and Tamarind Infusion Fermentation
- skin hydration
- high in polysaccharides
- plumping and moisturizing
- anti-inflammatory
Sodium PCA
- natural moisturizer
- binds water to the skin
Nopal Cactus Extract
- hydrating
Prickly Pear Fruit Extract
- hydrating
- gently astringent
- potent moisturizer
- skin softener
- anti-inflammatory
- healing


- derived from the comfrey root
- relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin
- believed to heal skin by promoting new tissue growth

Leucidal SF (Lactobacillis Ferment) *preservative*

Amticide Coconut (Lactobacillus (and) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) *preservative*