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NEW!! GoW What a Gem Antioxidant Spritz
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GoW What a Gem Antioxidant Spritz

Method of Application

Apply as part of your hydration routine. Let dry and move to the next step in your routine.

Product Description

We've combined Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum, with Glacier Water, and Rose Stem Cells, for a super power packed, antioxidant and anti aging mist. These Rose Stem Cells are extracted from the Alpine Rose which grows high in the Alps. These Roses have adapted themselves to be resistant to the harsh climate - below freezing temperatures, dry air and extreme sunlight. This product is the Shiznizzle!

List of Ingredients

Glacier Water

- glacial water from the Swiss Alps
- hydrating
- energizing
- soothing
- smoothing
- refreshing

Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum  Blend
Colloidal Gold
- skin regenerative properties
- stabilizes collagen synthesis
Colloidal Silver
- anti-bacterial
- anti-inflammatory
Colloidal Copper
- promotes healthy skin
- plays a critical role in cellular energy production
- helps maintain the integrity of connective tissue
- functions as an antioxidant
- regenerative
Colloidal Platinum
- anti-oxidant
- free radical scavenger
- negates oxidative damage
Rose Stem Cells

- Skin Stem Cell Vitality Improved
- Protects skin barrier under harsh environmental conditions
- Crows feet and other lines diminished
- Skin Quality visibly improved
- Boosts Epidermal Regeneration
- Improves Skin Barrier Function