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Skin Care Kits > GoW Blemish Prone Skin Care Kit (11-piece kit) / 14 oz
GoW Blemish Prone Skin Care Kit (11-piece kit) / 14 oz

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Blemish Prone Skin Care Kit

Product Information

Are blemishes stressing you out? No worries, our Blemish Prone Skin Care Kit is here! Inside we've included a full routine of products that work synergistically to rid skin of pimples, blemishes, and acne break-outs, and work on a deeper level to bring out the natural beauty of your skin by offering balance and harmony within your skincare routine.

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Products Included in the Kit

A brochure will be included with your kit discussing the method of application for all of the products listed below.

CL-76         1.  GoW Simply Clean Tea Tree Oil Cleanser (glycerin)

CL-1           2.  GoW Almond Milk Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

MSK-13      3.  GoW Get Your Glow Back Turmeric Mask

CT-13         4.  GoW Red Wine Vinegar Tonic (with pads for application)

HYB-1        5.  GoW Basil Leaf / Witch Hazel Hydrosol Blend

MA-5          6.  GoW Mandelic Acid 10% Serum (No Alcohol/No Seaweed)

BP-1           7.  GoW Majik Anti PopUp Blemish Gel

BP-22         8.  GoW Pre-Emptive Strike Serum

HG-7          9.  GoW Natural Majik Juniper Berry Hydrosol Gel

HG-15      10.  GoW Natural Majik Lemon Balm Hydrosol Gel

                11.  Camellia (sinesis) Oil  and  Perilla Seed Oil  Blend

*let us know if the blended oils are something you would like us to create for you.