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GoW Majik Coconut Revival Cream
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GoW Majik Coconut
Revival Cream


Product Information

"Blemishes no longer stand a chance!" is what our Coconut Revival Cream screams as it is applied to the skin. Healing and gentle this cream has so much coconut power it can do no wrong. Perfect cream to "revive" your skin, and is gentle enough for all skin types.

Method of Application

Apply around a pea sized to a dime sized amount, depending on what your skin needs, after the water soluble phase of your routine. This should be the final step in your skincare routine.

List of Ingredients

Coconut Water (young, green)
- healing
- hydrating
Coconut Milk
- hydrating
- soothing
- healing
Coconut Cream
- emollient
- protects the skin barrier
- antibacterial
- emulsifier
Tamanu Oil
- emollient
- regenerative
- softening
Shea Butter
- emollient
- protective
- soothing
- healing
Coconut Endosperm
- promotes healthy cell and capillary growth
- humectant
- protects skin
Leucidal SF (Lactobacillus Ferment)
- gentle natural preservative
Cosmocil CQ (Polyaminopropyl Biguanide)
- gentle natural preservative

Forum Reviews

I actually really like this cream... I usually use straight coconut oil on healing (usually popped, eek!) pimples to help them recover. The problem is that coconut oil by itself is duh - an oil - and ends up dripping all over my face and is impossible to use during the day with makeup... this new cream is perfect! It seems to have the benefits of coconut oil (along with shea butter? can't remember the other ingredients off of the top of my head but I remember there was a lot of coconut in there - will post them later on today when I'm back home) and it is very dense and stays where I want it. I also tend to have dry areas around pimples, not sure if this is a normal thing or if I am just too harsh on my skin - but this is lovely to soothe out the area and, well, recover my skin! :)

This is also my very first posting, but wanted to respond as I got my free sample today and love it! Tried it very cautiously on my hand first as have Rosacea and skin that flares up at everything and anything. I loved the cooling sensation and the way it settled in without feeling greasy, loved the smell but think my nose is having a funny turn as I could smell liquorice and not coconut!  I will certainly be purchasing when it is available, particularly as I think it would also be suitable for my son who has Psoriasis, but continues to live a student life-style and then wonders why he has flare-ups!

I am in love with this cream! i'm hoarding it, so i hope it will be offered for sale soon!

I have to say, I think this is my new favorite!! My sensitive skin loves everything in this, it's whipped texture just sinked immediately. Nothing greasy left behind and the sent is slight and evaporates. I think you would be able to use this night and day...Love it!

This was my sample for my first GOW Order.  I love it!  I have terrible Oily, dry, tight, discolored, zitty skin.  Its been so tight, dry and inflamed lately it hurts.  This cream really calmed it down and made it nice and smooth and moisturized without making it oily or greasy.

For once, I am speachless.  I got a sample ... and it took EVERYTHING I had on, and made it sink right into the skin.  Yahoo!  I like it.  Smell is good, consistency is good ... and it works as a make-up primer for me.  Yup, used it today, and all the goodies had been carried into the skin -- or the combo of it and the Glacier Water

Yahoo!  I like it.  Smell is good, consistency is good ... and it works as a make-up primer for me.  Yup, used it today, and all the goodies had been carried into the skin -- or the combo of it and the Glacier Water

Do we know when this will be available.....I think I NEED to have this!!!  TIA :)

I am really loving this cream. My skin has *some* balancing issues and reacts (for better or worse) very fast with new products. with a good product, I can see the benefits straight away, with a bad one, well....ya know.... :)

This cream has really helped my 'troubled' spots, helping to calm the skin and make it look normal again. It helped with healing my blemishes, and I think with long term usage, I will notice an overall betterment of my skin, which is where the Remedy comes in, as it is curing/healing from the inside out

I love, love, LOVE this cream!  I have acne prone skin which breaks out with so-called non-comedogenic moisturizers..
but I do not break out with this one!  My skin has stayed clear with no clogging.  I mix my Jane Iredale mineral powder base to this cream to make my own tinted moisturizer, and I love the results!  I get a lot of compliments on the glow I get.  I can also use this cream quite liberally during the humid summers.  I get a real nice glow with the added humidity and that's when I get the compliments the most.  Please do not ever change or alter this product ever!