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GoW Blemish Prone Treatment Serum

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GoW Blemish Prone
Treatment Serum

Our Blemish Prone Spot Treatment is a gentle yet effective way to encourage the healing of mild to moderate blemish issues. This is not to say it won't be effective in keeping aggressive blemishes at bay. Also, this treatment would be good to use in a interchange with our other blemish treatments. 

Method of Application

Apply as needed during the treatment phase of your routine.

Spring Water
- hydrating
Neem Leaf Extract
- antibacterial
- antifungal
- moisturizing
- anti-itch properties
- addresses acne, eczema
Honeysuckle Extract
- tonic
- antibacterial
- anti-inflammatory
- cooling
Manuka Honey
- antimicrobial
- bacteria inhibitor
- healing

- skin lightening - anti-aging agents
- stimulates circulation
- anti-inflammatory
N-Acetyl Glucosamine
- glucose based monosaccharide
- anti-inflammatory
- antioxidant
- naturally increases natural production of hyaluronic acid
- promising evidence showing this helps to fight hyperpigmentation
Seabuckthorn Seed Oil
- reduces redness
- very healing
- restoring
- addresses rosacea

Leucidal SF (lactobacillis fermentation)

- does not release formaldehyde or contain parabens 
Cellulose Gum
- natural thickener
Essential Oils of:

  Tea Tree (antibacterial, healing, antiseptic, helps to regulate oil productiion)
  Oregano (acne fighting, antibacterial)


I got the Blemish prone spot treatment sample a couple of days ago and I've been using it day and night and I love it. I had previously been using diluted tea tree oil and neem oil toner and spray for my face which did help a lot but it would sting and irritate my face after I had done some chemical exfoliation the night before, but with the blemish spot treatment tea tree extract and neem  extract, I get no irritation whatsoever. And it helps my acne and inflammation just as good. I also love the extra ingredients like niacinamide, honey, glucosamine, and thyme oil that are in it. ~Tilcia G.