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GoW Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel

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GoW Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel

Product Information

Kiss zits, acne, blackheads and whiteheads away with our Majik Anti-PopUp Blemish Gel. A little of this pop-up fighting formulated blend of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory actives goes a long way.

Method of Application

Apply one to two times a day on clean skin during the water soluble phase of your routine (after you cleanse, tone, and exfoliate ... before you apply any oils, creams, and lotions) when pop-ups, zits, and acne is apparent.

Lemongrass Hydrosol
- astringent
- tonic
- antifungal
- antioxidant
- refreshing
 Spring Water
- hydrating
- solvent
Azeloyl Glycine [derivative of Azelaic Acid]
- sebum normalizer
- skin whitener [not bleaching]
- anti-bacterial
- anti-inflammatory
- guaranteed 10% strength for effectiveness
- helps to strengthen and repair a damaged skin barrier
- anti-inflammatory
- soothing
- healing
- works fast to reduce redness/inflammation
- no side effects [water soluble and flushes away in the system]
- rejuvenating
- does not become resistant to fighting bacteria strains
Lactic Acid
- gentle exfoliant
- moisturizer
- anti-microbial
Coconut Cream [true coconut from the fruit, organic, unrefined]
- softening
- smoothing
- very high in lauric acid [anti-viral properties]
- helps to naturally dry out blemishes
Superoxide Dismutase
- antioxidant
- soothing
- powerful free radical scavenger
Cellulose Gum
- natural thickener
Gluconolactone (Glucono Delta Lactone)
- broad spectrum, paraben free preservative
   [does not release formaldehyde]

Customer Review

I have been using the Anti-blemish gel  ... for two days. It really does work (I have used everything from store and derm). I was in a foul mood and took it out on my skin....PICKED!!!! I have very strange skin and almost never pick. If I pick at a blackhead or small clogged pore, there is a %90 chance it will turn into a huge lump that takes about two weeks to go away. I stupidly picked about 5 spots!!! Plus, a real cyst appeared on my chin. I get the type of cysts that never form a head and take a few weeks to go away.
I used just a small amount of product, twice a day on clean skin. The picked spots were %85 clear by morning and the real cyst actually formed a head and is almost gone.
I carried on w/ my normal routine after applying the Gel.
B/c you use such a small amount, the bottle should last forever. The gel is like a thick Ha w/o a smell (I couldn't smell anything). It seemed gentle, it didn't burn or cause my skin to peel.
I highly recommend trying this out.