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GoW pH Theory Acne Gel

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GoW pH Theory Acne Gel

Over the years, we have researched what helps to balance and maintain the pH of the skin so that it is conducive to promoting a healthy skin barrier. At Garden of Wisdom, we have the opinion that using an alkaline ingredient on the skin will help balance the pH level of the skin, calming the skin down. The pH of the surface of the skin should not be too high in alkalinity (pH 10 or above) because keeping the skin with a slight acidic pH is necessary for keeping bacteria and yeasts in balance. The pH of the skin should not be too acidic, either. Acne Bacteria and other yeasts and bacterias thrive on the skin when it is too acidic (the bacteria and yeast multiply aggressively to try and save themselves.This is what causes the bacterias and yeasts to mutate and become stronger. This is why a product can work on acne for a while, and then later not work at all). The alkaline nature of the product will also help to loosen blackheads and possibly help them from forming again.

Method of Application

List of Ingredients

Neroli Hydrosol

- astringent
- toning
- antibacterial
Glacier Water
- hydrating
- mineralizing
- vitamin
- gives slip to formula
Manuka Honey
- antibacterial
- soothing
Sodium Bicarbonate
- skin pH adjuster
Cosmocil CQ
- preservative
Aspen Bark Extract
- antibacterial
- preservative