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GoW Pro-Pre Biotic Skin Protectant
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GoW Pro-Pre Biotic
Skin Protectant



This product was created to be healing and feeds the healthy skin bacteria to fight off bad bacteria.

We now have a second version of this with our natural balanced preservative
that works well with pre and pro biotics.

[we have recently doubled the amount of pro-prebiotic blend in the newer
version to be even more effective!]

NOTE:  This does contain various fruits and vegetables. Since this is a proprietary formula, if you have any concerns due to allergies, please just drop us a note or call to make sure this formula does not contain any allergens which could contribute negatively to your personal situation.

Customer Feedback

The Pro-Pre Biotic Skin Protectant is the single most important product I have ever used. It has changed the texture of my skin to smooth. It has addressed all blackheads, whiteheads,pimples,weird bumps and the bonus it smells incredible! Like a Kern's apricot nectar  From the first time I used it no more pimples of any kind, hormonal or otherwise. I only use it 2X a day. If I were a beauty editor it would be my pick for most innovative and valuable product.

I just wanted to post a review of the Pro-Pre Biotic Skin Protectant that I got as a sample a little while ago. I've been using it every night for about 2 weeks, and I'm honestly surprised at how much I like it, and how much it's done. First off, it smells lovely and has a smooth, easy to spread texture. My skin has become smoother, more clarified, and overall more healthy looking. I'm very impressed, and I hope that it becomes a permanent product soon! (For the record, I almost never post reviews anymore - I've just gotten kinda lazy - but this product is so good I felt I had to.)

Hi! Just wanted to send a short review of the Pro-Pre Biotic Skin Protectant that I got recently as a sample. I was skeptical of it at first and didn't think it would make any difference, but it has surprised me! I've been using it every evening for about 2 weeks now, and my skin is more clarified, smoother, and just overall more healthy looking. I hope this will be made a permanent full size product soon!

Method of Application

Apply 3-5 drops 1-2 x per day. Apply to moist skin before oils/creams.

List of Ingredients

Spring Water
- hydrating
Apricot Fruit Extract
- conditioning
- soothing
- softening
Probiotic Powder (Pro meaning "promoting" and "biotic" meaning life)
- stimulates the growth of beneficial organisms containing live bacteria

- lends itself to establishing a balance of your topical microorganisms
Prebiotic Powder (Pre meaning "before" and "biotic" meaning life)

- an energy source used to feed the probiotics
Xanthan Gum
- natural thickeners
Leucidal SF (
Lactobacillis Ferment)
AMTicide Coconut

Lactobacillus (and) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract
- broad spectrum, paraben free preservative (does not release formaldehyde)
Essence of Apricot
Essence of Gooseberry