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GoW Diamond Dust Exfoliating Gel
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Diamond Dust Exfoliating Gel

Product Information 

Our Diamond Dust Exfoliating Gel does not scratch the skin. It helps to smooth out wrinkles by exfoliating naturally. We are proud to say we are one of the only companies making a water based micro derm gel with no cream, no wax, no oils, and no silicones added!

AKA Microdermabrasion

Method of Application

After cleansing, dispense a small amount of product into your clean hand. Massage gently onto your skin and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

List of Ingredients

Spring Water

- hydrating
- solvent
Diamond Dust (aluminum oxide crystals)
- natural exfoliant
Cosmocil CQ  
(polyaminopropyl biguanide)
- paraben free
- gentle
Xanthan Gum

Customer Feedback

I received the Diamond Dust Gel Exfoliate today and use it. It feels great on your face and I could not believe how my dead skin was coming up to surface. Oh my, I had a lot of dead skin; especially on my cheeks. After I exfoliating I could see my face looked brighter and it took my fine pumps away. I than applied the toner, eye serum, eye cream, vitamin C, serum and anti aging moisturizer. I will be using this product 2 times a week and this is the only exfoliate that I saw my dead skin.

Customer Feedback

I developed this incredibly red and itchy rash all over my face and neck as a result of a medication I was taking. The rash wasn't going away with gentle GOW skincare so I did a bit of research and read the best thing for a rash was to let it dry out. I put nothing on my skin for about a week and a half (luckily I had the downtime) and true enough, the rash did go away. So I was left with masses of dead, unexfoliated skin to deal with.
I brought my tube of Diamond Dust Exfoliating Gel in the shower with me this morning (first time using it) and it worked like a dream. It's incredibly gentle, but effective. The exfoliating particles reminded me of the texture of very fine sand at the beach. There are no sharp edges like there are with some other companies' manual exfoliating scrubs (I'm thinking of the popular apricot scrub of my youth which I remember cutting into my skin with its jagged edges). You obviously shouldn't apply too much force, but even if you weren't as gentle as you should be, I think you'd find it hard to do damage with this product. It's just that smooth.
I experienced no redness, dryness, or irritation after using this product. I love it!
In total, one should only exfoliate 3-4 nights a week, or about every other day.