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GoW Exfo Lotion 15%
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GoW Exfo Lotion 15% (1.9 pH)
NOT   f o r   f a c i a l   u s e

Product Information

This is an exfoliating lotion with a 15% strength of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. 
This lotion helps to remove dry, flaky skin and/or rough patches by first exfoliating the skin on top, and then moisturizing and repairing the gentle skin below it. Remember, this lotion is *not* for facial use!

Method of Application

Apply after you shower, or as needed. If your skin is very dry or dehydrated, apply while the epidermis is still moist.

List of Ingredients

Aloe Leaf Extract
- hydrating
- solvent
Shea Butter
- conditioning
- nourishing
- healing
- soothing
Rice Bran Oil
- high in fatty acids
- rich in phytic/ferulic acids
- moisturizing
- skin softening
Jojoba Oil
- emollient
- dissolves sebum
- regulates oil production
- very moisturizing
Hazelnut Oil
- mildy astringent
- light oil, easily absorbed
- soothing
- may help to block sunrays
Glycolic Acid
- surface exfoliator
Lactic Acid
- surface exfoliator
- vegetable derived
- humectant
- literally draws moisture to skin when applied topically
Emulsifying Wax NF
- emulsifier
Stearic Acid
- emulsifier
- thickening agent
Sodium Lactate
- pH adjuster
- moisturizer
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
- conditions
- moisturizes
- locks in moisture
- paraben free preservative
Sorbic Acid
- broad spectrum, non-toxic preservative that protects against molds
- derived from the Comfrey root
- relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin
- believed to heal skin by promoting new tissue growth