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GoW Pamper My Belly Bump Balm (Vegetarian)
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GoW Pamper My Belly Bump Balm

Product Information

This tummy balm is perfect for helping to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy and after. Apply twice daily [or more] for best results.

Method of Application

This product is delivered in a roll up tube for easiest application. Apply to moist/damp skin after showering and gently massage into skin. 

List of Ingredients

Cocoa Butter
- healing
- moisturizing
- helps to diminish stretch marks

West Shea Butter [unrefined, cold pressed]
- moisturizing
- softens and smoothes skin

- helps to diminish stretch marks
- contains anti-inflammatory properties
Baobab Oil
- absorbs quickly (no oily residu
- stable shelf life
- conditioning and exotic emollient
Beeswax, natural, unbleached
- creates a protective layer, shielding skin from the elements and locking in moisture
- emulsifier
- antibacterial
- antigermicidal
- anti-inflammatory
- does not clog pores
Mandarin Red Essential Oil
- rebalances
- refines texture of skin
- antisteptic
- cell rejuvenator