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1.) Shipping: issues, concerns, answers . . .

2.)  Current Skin Care Routines [excellent reading for everyone]

3.)  Shelf Life and Storage Information for Products and Ingredients

4.)  What is a 'patch test'?

5.) What are the Liposomes I see in some of your products?

Skincare Basics

Basic Routine Method

Beginners Tips!

Jen's How to find Balance in Skincare

Li Explains Moisturizers

Winter Skincare Articles

Antioxidant Information


GOW Skincare Routines

Jen’s Routine

Li's Routine

Lesley's Routine

Lain's Routine


Jen's Acne Tips

Jens' thoughts on BP and how acne forms

Tips on weaning from Benzoyl Peroxide

Jen's thoughts on Purging

Jen's thoughts on Clogging

Information on a supplement that may help with hormonal acne: DIM supplement


Lil Ditty on Rosacea


Viper Venom Placement


Acid Strengths??

Kris's advice about acid application

Information on the different Acids

Mandelic Acid Info

Product/ Ingredient Information

Animal/Insect (Bee) Derived ingredients we use or carry?

Manuka Honey Information!

Coconut Cream vs Refined Coconut Oil

All Trans Retinol - What is it?

How to use the Retinol Products

DMAE and its safety

List of products with Cosmocil

List of products with Geogard

Difference between Hydrating mists and Hydrosols

Fruit Based Toners 100% Natural - Free of Synthetic Fragrance

Hydrosols Chart

Serums and Gels Chart

Hyaluronic Acid Serums Chart

Carrier Oil Shelf Life and Information Chart

Butters Chart

Clays Information Page

Skin Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, etc)

Thoughts on Eczema


Skincare during Pregnancy

Random Ramblings

GOW acronyms List

How to clean bottles/jars

How to use a gift certificate


Storage/Shelf Life

Shelf Life and Storage Information for Products and Ingredients


We suggest starting off with a starter kit for your skin type!

Normal Skin




Pregnancy Skincare

Keeping it Simple Intro Kit


Blemish Prone

Keratosis Pilaris


Most Popular Recipes:

Simple Oatmeal Wash

Jen’s Vinegar Toner

Basic Sunscreen

Manuka Knock Out your Cold recipe by Jen

Sensual Blossom Body Powder

Recipes from GOW site


Formulation Help (i.e. how to calculate percentages, drops, grams etc)

Jen's Basic Actives Calculator – email

Conversions/Dilutions Chart Thank You Dev!

Conversion Calc

Neat conversion chart that does drops as well!