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Please Read our Ingredient Disclaimer
Before Purchasing Oils

We do not suggest any of our ingredients be used internally.
Please do not use them in this way.

For Carrier Oils Shelf Life and Use Information Click here!

We suggest a .25 ounce glass bottle w/dropper
for your own blending purposes.

Note: If ordering any of your Carrier Oils in a Glass Bottle we encourage you to choose Priority Mail
as your shipping option when checking out. First Class is shipped in a bubble envelope
and is not a safe option for the Glass Bottle.

Please Note: Most of our carrier oils can be used at 100% although some are rich and you may desire to dilute them.
Testing them out and experiencing them for yourself can be very helpful.
Please do not store carrier oils in a dropper bottle for more than 6 months.
The oil can eventually soak into the rubber dropper and "eat" it"
We are changing our glass bottles to have caps, instead of droppers as we run through stock.

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *if you know your skin well, you can choose
any (3) oils you desire*

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *Balanced Skin*

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *Dehydrated/Fine Lines Skin*

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *Dry Skin*

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *Eczema Prone Skin*

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *Oily/Blemish Prone Skin*

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *Mature Skin*

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *Rosacea Skin*

Oil Sample Pack (3) Choices *Sensitive Skin*

"Right CLICK on each item and OPEN in a separate
page to view as many oils as you wish"

Product   Price
Nourishing Oil Blend - Tamanu/Carrot Seed/Rosehip Oils w/Helichrysum   From $17.35
Clarify & Rejuvenate Oil   From $14.35
Rosacea Oil Blend   From $12.90
Winter Blend Oil   From $11.90
Wound Healing Oil   From $12.95
Abyssinian Seed Oil   From $5.45
Acai Berry Oil   From $9.85
Algae Oil   From $6.25
Almond Oil (Sweet)   From $3.90
Aloe Vera Oil / Maceration   From $6.75
Amla Oil (Organic - Cold Pressed!)   From $4.85
Andiroba Seed Oil / .25 oz   $8.50
Apple Seed Oil   From $5.65
Apricot Kernel Oil (Organic/Cold Pressed)   From $4.10
Argan Oil (Organic/Unrefined/Cold Pressed)   From $9.65
Avocado Oil (Organic/Unrefined/Cold Pressed)   From $11.90
Avocado Oil (UNrefined)   From $4.35
Avocado Oil (Refined)   From $4.95
Babassu Oil   From $4.55
Baobab Oil   From $10.45
Bhringraj Oil   From $9.90
Black Currant Seed Oil   From $6.90
Blackberry Seed Oil   From $10.95
Black Raspberry Seed Oil   From $13.90
Black Seed Oil   From $5.65
Blueberry Seed Oil   From $16.75
Borage Oil 20% GLA   From $7.40
Brahmi Oil / Infusion   From $9.15
Brazil Nut Oil   From $6.25
Broccoli Seed Oil   From $9.20
Buriti Oil   From $7.30
Cacay Seed Oil   From $4.50
Organic Calendula Oil / Infusion (Olive)   From $10.10
Organic Calendula Oil / Infusion (Safflower)   From $4.65
Camellia (Japonica) Oil / White Flower Seed Extraction   From $3.75
Camellia Oil (Oleifera)   From $5.20
Camellia Oil (Sinensis) *Organic*   From $4.85
Cape Chestnut aka Yangu Nut Oil   From $7.95
Carrot Seed Oil   From $10.35
Cashew Nut Oil   From $8.25
Castor Oil (Organic)   From $2.75
Castor Oil   From $3.80
Chardonnay Grape Seed Oil   From $5.60
Cherry Kernel Oil (Organic)   From $4.35
Chia Seed Oil (Organic)   From $16.25
Chokeberry Oil (Organic/Cold Pressed) NEW!   From $2.90
Cloudberry Seed Oil   From $8.25
Copaiba Oil (Resin)   From $7.90
Coconut Cream, Organic (Virgin)   From $3.95
Conditioning Oil Blend (Aging With Wisdom Kit)   From $4.65
Cranberry Seed Oil   From $8.30
Cucumber Seed Oil   From $7.35
Daikon Radish Oil NEW!   From $2.50
Dragonfruit Oil (Organic/Cold Pressed) NEW!   From $2.50
East Shea Oil aka NILOTICA Shea Oil   From $3.85
Evening Primrose Oil *Organic*   From $6.65
Emu Oil   From $6.85
Fenugreek Oil   From $7.35
Flax Seed Oil   From $9.85
Fractionated Coconut Oil   From $6.55
Goji Berry *Seed* Oil   From $7.85
Grape Seed Oil   From $6.15
Guava Seed Oil   From $8.75
Hazelnut Oil   From $6.45
Hemp Seed Oil   From $5.35
Hibiscus Seed Oil   From $4.90
Jojoba Oil (Organic, Refined)   From $3.25
Jojoba Oil Gold *Organic*   From $9.60
Jojoba Oil Gold *Organic* (lighter version)   From $7.35
Kalahari Melon Oil - Wild Watermelon (Organic/Cold Pressed) NEW!   From $2.50
Karanja Oil   From $3.65
Kiwi Seed Oil   From $9.90
Kukui Nut Oil   From $7.90
Lingonberry Oil - (Organic/Cold Pressed) NEW!   From $2.50
Macadamia Nut Oil   From $4.65
Malkangni (Organic) Oil   From $2.55
Mango Seed Oil   From $8.75
Mangosteen Seed Oil   From $11.65
Maqui Berry Oil - (Organic/Cold Pressed) NEW!   From $2.60
Marula Oil   From $12.90
Meadowfoam Oil   From $5.35
Mineral Oil (White / Cosmetic Grade)   From $4.95
Mongongo Oil (Cold Pressed)   From $2.50
Moringa (Organic) Oil   From $2.50
Muskmelon (Organic) Oil   From $2.65
Neem Seed Oil   From $4.55
Olive Oil *Organic*   From $3.30
Papaya Seed Oil   From $10.20
Passion Fruit Seed Oil (#1 Organic/Odorless)   From $11.05
Passion Fruit Seed Oil (#2 Enzymatic Smell)   From $7.35
Patua Oil   From $5.90
Peach Kernel Oil   From $4.10
Pear Seed Oil   From $10.05
Pecan Nut Oil   From $4.40
Pequi (fruit) Oil   From $6.55
Perilla Seed Oil   From $5.45
Pistachio Nut Oil   From $6.05
Plum Kernel Oil   From $4.50
Pomegranate Seed Oil   From $11.85
Pracaxi (wild Harvested) Oil   From $2.60
Prickly Pear Seed Oil   From $4.70
Pumpkin Seed Oil   From $4.60
Red Palm Oil   From $4.70
Red Raspberry Seed Oil   From $7.40
Rice Bran Oil   From $4.85
Rose Hip Seed Oil (Organic/Cold Pressed)   From $10.65
Sacha Inchi Oil (Organic/Cold Pressed) NEW!   From $2.50
Safflower Seed Oil (High Linoleic)   From $7.05
Sesame Seed Oil   From $3.85
Shea Oil   From $6.85
Shikakai Blended Hair Oil   From $10.35
Soybean Oil   From $2.85
Soursop Seed Oil (Graviola)   From $5.55
Squalane Oil   From $13.05
Strawberry Seed Oil   From $7.25
Sunflower Seed Oil (Organic/Cold Pressed)   From $4.10
Tamanu Oil (Organic)   From $8.10
Tomato Seed Oil   From $8.35
Tucuma Seed Oil   From $5.85
Watermelon Seed Oil (2 varieties)   From $9.05
Wheat Germ Oil   From $4.05
Walnut Oil   From $12.70
Bacaba (pulp) Oil   From $5.05