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Personalized Skin Care Consultation


Personalized Skin Care Consultation

Having trouble with your skin? Can't decide which products to use? Perhaps you don't understand why certain products are beneficial to your skin. Or which ones are going to hinder your progress? Need help understanding how to use skin care that will actually help? Do you need more help than a normal email can touch upon?

Our Personalized Skin Care Consultant can really help put your worries at ease. Let our skin care detective work their majik on your skin!

The best part of all is you get a $40 credit towards your products! (money is not refundable and is for Finished Products only - cannot be used for shipping costs)

If you don't use the full $40 we will reissue a credit for the remainder.
[Note] - Consultation is only for our finished products, and is not available for our ingredients/formulation.


I asked for some advice about a year ago regarding what looked like tanned skin on my forehead, which turned out to be from using Retin A and vitamin C serum, both of which you recommended stopping. I'm happy to say that by last winter the "tan" had gone away completely and my skin has been much happier for it. I just wanted to mention it so I could thank you again for your help! ~Jamie F.

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Personalized Skin Care Consultation   $40.00